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debunking commercial cleaning myths

Mark's Industry Insights: Debunking the Myth of “Price Vs. Quality” in Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, I feel like I have heard it all. From cleaning horror stories to previous cleaning relationships that left much to be desired, these conversations revolve around the same question: “Is there truly a difference between two commercial cleaners besides price?”

In my experience, that answer is, without a doubt, yes. It is easy to make a decision about cleaning based solely on the monthly or per-cleaning price from any vendor. However, it is crucial to understand the hidden costs of choosing the cheapest option and evaluating the quality of your cleaning service. Here are five key reasons why I believe “quality” is just as important as “price” when selecting a commercial cleaning company, if not more so.

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exterior business cleaning property makeover

Enhancing Curb Appeal: Property Makeover with Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to making a lasting impression on your customers and clients, the exterior of your commercial property speaks volumes. A clean and well-maintained exterior not only welcomes visitors but also conveys a sense of professionalism and pride in your business. At Elite Touch, we understand the importance of curb appeal, and we're here to help you transform your property into a showstopper with our expert exterior cleaning services.

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