Mark's Industry Insights: Debunking the Myth of “Price Vs. Quality” in Commercial Cleaning

debunking commercial cleaning myths

When it comes to commercial cleaning, I feel like I have heard it all. From cleaning horror stories to previous cleaning relationships that left much to be desired, these conversations revolve around the same question: “Is there truly a difference between two commercial cleaners besides price?”

In my experience, that answer is, without a doubt, yes. It is easy to make a decision about cleaning based solely on the monthly or per-cleaning price from any vendor. However, it is crucial to understand the hidden costs of choosing the cheapest option and evaluating the quality of your cleaning service. Here are five key reasons why I believe “quality” is just as important as “price” when selecting a commercial cleaning company, if not more so.

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Defining Quality in Commercial Cleaning

When considering where a commercial cleaning service is worth the cost, a quality cleaning service will offer you multiple benefits, such as a service guarantee, cleaning checklist or project plan, and quality control measures. I also believe that your cleaning partner is just that: a partner for your business. They should offer advice or share recommendations that are right for your property.

Quality Cleaning Gives A Better First Impression

In business, first impressions matter, and I believe the ultimate first impression is how your building looks when a prospective client, employee or partner arrives or enters your lobby. A poor image might hamper your ability to meet your goals or turn away customers. Looking for a cleaning solution that helps provide that great first impression is an investment in cleaning and your business’ success.

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“You Get What You Pay For” Applies To Cleaning

When you look for the cheapest solution on the market, you often get service to match. You can always find a way to save money on cleaning, but you’re bound to lose out on valuable cleaning or maintenance services.

Beyond trash services and surface cleaning, you likely expect a thorough cleaning team that pays great attention to detail and cleans your property correctly. Unfortunately, I found that not all cleaners are the same and getting that quality service comes with a slightly higher cost. An added benefit to choosing a higher-quality cleaning company is their focus on implementing eco-friendly practices, limiting harmful chemicals or using environmentally friendly techniques.

Cheaper Upfront, But Not Overall

When you first get a quote from a cleaning company, you might just be focused on the upfront or contract costs. If this were the only consideration, going somewhere cheaper would make sense. However, reducing the quality of your service will probably lead to higher overall cleaning and maintenance costs. 

A cleaner who rushes through your regular cleaning likely makes mistakes, misses areas that need to be cleaned or might damage your property through carelessness. Often, when these incidents occur, a lower-quality cleaner will return to fix it but at a financial cost or as a burden to your staff and customers. 

At Elite, we believe in providing a high-quality service today, so we don’t have to come back as often, and you save money overall.

Proactive Cleaning Leads to Less Reactive Maintenance

Regular, thorough cleaning offers several hidden benefits for your property. First, you have a trained professional inspecting your property as they clean it, looking for issues like water leaks, damage to your floors, fixtures, and carpet stains or spills. 

Cleaning your floors, carpets, tile, and other surfaces prevents grime and dirt build-up and prolongs the life of your building, so you spend less on costly repairs and renovations.

Quality Cleaning Today Means Long-Term Value

Even broader than just building repairs, investing in a quality cleaning service provides long-term value for your business between less time spent managing cleaners, improved first impressions for customers and partners, happier staff and lower maintenance costs. Adding all these factors together makes a strong case for thinking twice before going with the lowest price for your commercial cleaning needs.

Are you looking for a quality cleaning partner? Elite Touch uses a proven process to deliver a 5-star cleaning every time. To learn more about the Elite Standard or get a free consultation, contact me today at

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