The Top 5 Spookiest Places to Find Germs In Your Office

It was a rainy Monday morning; employees glided into the break room looking for coffee like ghosts. Little did they know, the scariest monsters were laying in wait around the coffee pot waiting to strike: germs!

Most of the time, when we think of the dirtiest spots in the office, two places likely come to mind: the trash room and the bathrooms. However, here are five scarier, spookier spots where germs lurk in the dark corners.

Elevator Buttons 

Vampires and Mummies have nothing on touch points! Elevator buttons in public places like airports, offices, and retail locations carry 40x as many bacteria as public toilet seats. This fact is even scarier when you realize that most non-professional cleaners don’t use disinfectants correctly-- they should sit on surfaces for at least 30 seconds before being wiped clean.

Keyboards, Mice, Office Phones

How many keystrokes do you tap in a day? How many hours do you scroll with a mouse? These sneaky touch points carry germ zombies like staphylococcus which can live for a very long time on surfaces.

Erase the horde of germs by cleaning these items every day with a disinfectant for proper germ management!

Coffee Supplies

Here’s a scary question: Can you remember the last time the communal coffee pot was cleaned and sanitized? How about your daily mug?

If you don’t remember, then it’s time to get cleaning! Personal objects like office coffee mugs are known vectors of bacteria, viruses and….fecal matter? Now that’s terrifying! Cleaning with shared sponges and brushes can be a leading cause of this issue: these items should be replaced often for optimal sanitation.


October villains like Frankenstein’s Monster or Dracula have nothing on communal touch points. Another scary office spot is the big “OK” button on your printer or copier. Touched by nearly everyone, these controls are a prime spot for the sanitation scaries. Don’t forget to wipe down these surfaces when cleaning other touch points daily.

Office Carpets

Fun fact: carpets carry 200,000 bacteria per square inch on average. There’s nothing scarier than letting those creepy crawlies live on in peace. This is why it is crucial to office health to deep clean your floors regularly!

Unfortunately, we can’t help with all of the scary things during Halloween, but we can help you fight off germs. If you need a solution for keeping your office or commercial space clean, reach out to our sales rep to get a customized quote today!

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