Educational Building Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer break has arrived, and education building traffic has dramatically decreased, but that doesn’t mean your cleaning schedule should. The summer allows a unique time for educational institutions to deep clean and assess regular cleaning procedures before the new school year begins.


Here are three tips for cleaning and taking care of your educational institution during the summer months:

  1.  Use Disinfectants on EPA List N
    The Environmental Protection agency’s main objective is to regulate products that are used in areas around humans. This can include schools, offices, grocery stores, hospitals, or your home. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to use disinfectants that are registered on EPA List N to ensure the highest level of safety against the spread of virus’ such as COVID-19. Elite Touch is well versed in cleaning products and can perform an audit to provide a supply recommendation for your educational facility.
  2. Deep Clean Areas that Hold High-Value Supplies or Electronics
    The summer months allow educational buildings to be deep cleaned in areas that may not receive as much attention during the regular school months.

    Areas such as computer labs, libraries, and gymnasiums are busy locations during the school year that could use some extra love during the summer.

Computer Labs: Computer labs or tech areas can hold many electrical sockets and high-dollar equipment. If they are not cleaned routinely, you may suffer from dust build-up, overheating, or moisture, thus damaging your equipment. Take time to dust all of the plugs, computers, and electronics to prevent damage and maintain the longevity of supplies.

Libraries: Libraries are a common area for many students and teachers, but they also can be a holding area for germs and microbes. During the summer months, consider disinfecting each sitting area as well as individual library books to prevent the spread of germs.

Gymnasiums: Gymnasiums are a place that represents camaraderie and fun activities in educational buildings, but you need to be serious about deep cleaning during downtime. Areas to consider include vinyl mats, balls, bleachers, and locker rooms. Devoting special attention to these items will prepare you to welcome students back for the new school year in the safest environment possible.

    3. Evaluate and Unify Your Cleaning Procedures with a Checklist

Take the summer months to assess your current cleaning process and make improvements to routine cleaning procedures. To help you get started, we’ve created a customized educational institution cleaning checklist. This checklist includes step-by-step cleaning instructions for classrooms, restrooms, and common areas.

Download Summer Cleaning Checklist 

Still unsure where to start? Let Elite Touch create a customized summer cleaning plan for your educational facility. Get Started Today!

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