5 Holiday Office Cleaning Tips to Consider

Extra office fun during the holidays usually means extra mess. Here are the top 5 cleaning considerations for offices during the holiday season. 

Keep Your Gatherings Confined to One Area 

The more space your office holiday party needs, the more you have to clean afterwards. Especially when food and drink is involved, things can get messy. If you have to spread out, it will likely mean more to clean.

Encourage your party goers to keep treats and drinks away from their desks and workstations; or encourage them to tidy their desks afterward so cleaning staff can easily wipe down surfaces. (This is generally a good practice, as most cleaners won’t disturb a messy desk!)

Even more importantly, try to contain food service or drinks to one area. This helps your office stay clean by containing your spills to one spot, and hopefully not on carpet. Moreso, containing food and drinks to a single common area helps cleaning staff concentrate in problem areas without chasing stains and sticky spots throughout the office.

More Food, More Cleaning

Whether your gatherings are potluck or catered, more social gatherings mean that your office will have more food hanging around. Before this happens, this is a great opportunity to clean out any communal fridges to make space for these delicious treats.

When food is brought into the space, make sure the entire organization knows where to store and enjoy any food or snacks. Maintaining a dedicated break room or common area to receive food gifts from vendors, clients, and employees will keep mess contained and make cleaning up even easier! At the end of the workday, assign someone to clean up or throw away any food that is sitting out. Open food containers attract bugs, critters and mold!

Use the Proper Cleaners + Supplies
Most commercial cleaning chemicals are harsher or more difficult to use than typical household cleaners. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of these cleaning products, be sure to read the directions carefully or hire a professional.

Cleaning concentrates are too strong to use on their own and can harm human skin or the surfaces they are trying to clean. To avoid this, you have to dilute them properly. Using the proper ratio of water will keep people safe, offices clean and ensure that your cleaning is effectively cleaning surfaces-killing germs and not just leaving a sticky mess!

Who Cares about Floor Care? We Do! Holiday Office Cleaning Means More Floor Cleaning

During the holiday season, your office floors take a harsher beating than they normally would. This is attributed to the combination of higher foot traffic for deliveries and holiday parties and inclement weather. Your floors will be exposed to more dirt, dust and germs due to this increased traffic.

Maintaining a safe and clean office requires regularly cleaned floors to prevent the spread of dirt, germs, and viruses. Floor care is also more important where you hold holiday office parties and host holiday treats. More food and drink translates to an increase in sticky spots, carpet stains, and food crumbs.

To help keep your floors clean, safe and looking as new as the day they were installed, we recommend cleaning them regularly and staying on top of spots. Work with your commercial cleaner to address stains and sticky spots.

 Pandemics Love Parties-- A Clean Office Keeps Employees Healthy

Unfortunately, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic but we’re also quickly approaching cold and flu season. Keeping your office clean regularly is an important step in keeping your people safe and healthy this winter season.

Use EPA and CDC approved disinfectants correctly and be sure to cover all of the major touch points to reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

As the holiday season begins, you’ll likely see more food than normal and more people than usual in your office space. This higher traffic will mean that holiday office cleaning will become even more important to keep your space clean and your staff healthy.

If getting your office ready for the holiday season sounds overwhelming, we are here to help! Contact our sales representative today!

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