The Top Four Commercial Cleaning Challenges Facing Property Managers

commercial cleaning challenges property managers

When managing one or more commercial properties, there can be much to handle. From security and maintenance to staffing and sales and everything in between, property managers have a monumental task in taking care of a commercial property. However, one of the most constant challenges a property manager faces when handling a property is the regular need for commercial cleaning services. Here are four of the most prevalent challenges facing commercial property management regarding commercial cleaning.

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Hiring & Managing Internal Cleaning Staff

Cleaning a commercial property can be a big task, primarily when relying on internal cleaning staff to stay on top of the cleaning process for a building. The bigger the building, the greater this challenge can be for a property manager. 

Often, hiring is the big focus in these conversations. Finding talented cleaners, vetting them and training new hires are all included in the hiring process. However, this is only half of the equation. 

After hiring comes the most critical, challenging piece of having internal cleaners: managing them! Internal cleaning teams require supervisors, HR resources, equipment and supplies purchasing, continued training and more. Internal teams also require additional considerations such as “Who covers the cleaning if the internal team is on vacation or out sick? Who coordinates quality control?”

Working with an external partner means that many of these challenges are handled by the company, giving property managers fewer things to worry about!

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Delivering Consistent, High-Quality Experiences Across Multiple Properties

Cleaning challenges scale with the size or number of properties that need to be managed. Cleaning a 1,200-square-foot storefront is a different task than a million-square-foot shopping mall.

These challenges include:

Supervision: when you can’t be in multiple places at once, it becomes challenging to ensure that cleaners are following the proper cleaning plans or meeting quality standards.

Quality Control: Multiple properties exponentially increase the amount of quality control needed to ensure that cleaning meets the high standards for your property. If the properties are spread out throughout a city, it can require substantial driving time to check them all.

Brand Consistency: Franchise owners or business owners with multiple locations want to ensure consistent experiences for every property. When it comes to cleaning, managing staff and ensuring that your properties are being cleaned consistently can be a real challenge.

When you partner with a commercial cleaning company like Elite Touch, you have several resources that help to reduce the stress around a multiple-property project. It’s crucial in these cases to find a cleaning company with a transparent quality control process that helps give property managers peace of mind.

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Every Property’s Needs Are Different

As every property manager knows, each property in a portfolio is different, presents different challenges or has unique cleaning needs. It can be complicated for property managers to balance the needs and requirements of each property while still providing flexibility when additional cleanings are needed. 

Hiring an internal staff to clean one property can help with regularly scheduled cleanings, but internal teams typically have set hours or schedules. It gets expensive to bring staff in for emergency cleanings, night shift work or special events. 

Adding additional properties to the equation means different levels of complexity to ensure your cleaners are trained for each property’s unique needs. Commercial cleaners like Elite Touch have enough capacity and flexibility to provide 24/7 service, emergency cleanings and multiple property support to meet your exact needs.

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Ensuring Health & Safety Compliance

Cleaning commercial spaces requires heavy-duty cleaning agents and advanced cleaning techniques to ensure the health and safety of your tenants and occupants. When managing cleaning internally, property managers need to stay up-to-date on proper cleaning techniques and mixing of chemical solutions on top of the other responsibilities.

Having well-trained cleaners creates cleaner properties and healthier spaces; improperly mixed chemicals might leave streaks or, worse, leave harmful chemicals on surfaces that get onto people’s clothes or skin. However, the worst-case scenario from an improperly cleaned property is the spread of hidden germs and bacteria that lower the overall health of your building occupants. 

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning partner means property managers get peace of mind for all aspects of their cleaning, from quality control and 24/7 cleaning to proper cleaning techniques that ensure safe, healthy spaces. If you’re stressed about your commercial cleaning and want a free quote, contact us today.


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